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Lettering - The art of drawing letters

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With my passion for lettering I love to show, teach and share to anyone that is interested in lettering. I have constructed  well designed workshops so that I can show and explain the art of lettering. At the end of the workshop you will know how to make your own art pieces.

Here you will be able to see my workshop dates, if I am not in a town/city near you but would like to host a workshop send me an email to or send me a direct message in my instagram account @lettering_our_world and I will gladly give you more information.

Online workshops


Because of our current COVID-19 pandemic that we are all enduring just now I have had to postpone many planned workshop dates in various cities in the U.S and Mexico, however, I am still available to have online 1 to 1 workshops where I can still give 3 hour classes. Usually I would include tools and my own workbook in my workshops but for the online classes I will send you the workbook in digital format for you to print out.


Interested in learning Modern Calligraphy? Come and join me in this workshop and I will show you how to create this beautiful style of modern calligraphy.

$35 usd

What this workshop will cover.


• What is modern calligraphy.

• The difference between calligraphy, lettering and typography.

Basic strokes to build your letters.

• Step by step on how to make each letter.

Included in this workshop.


• 4 Hour Class

• Digital workbook.



Want to learn about layouts and compositions in lettering? Well this is the workshop for you.

$45 usd

What this workshop will cover.


• What is composition.

• Why is composition important.

• How to make a balanced composition.

• Deciding what elements in your artwork is important in a composition.

• step by step exercises.

Included in this workshop.


• 4 Hour Class

• Digital booklet



Like crafts and shiny things? This is a great workshop to learn how to use foil in your art work.

$30 usd

What this workshop will cover.


• What Foil is.

• Difference between reactive and non-reactive foil.

• Which tools you can use with foil.

• Recommended papers and machines when using foil.

• The various materials and methods such as multigel, adhesives, glue pens, toner printed images, hot pen and embossing powder that can be implemented with foil.

Included in this workshop.


• 4 hours divided into 2 classes.

We will create a card, tag and an envelope using the techniques learnt in this workshop.

Let's schedule your class!!

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